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Photography is important in a lot of areas. Photos are used in marketing, and in sharing your events with others. A good camera is very important if you want to sell you photos. I’ve gone through several digital cameras in the past few years. Most were DSLR’s, but for some reason, I’m having a lot of trouble with the most recent one. I bought a Canon T1i about a year ago and thought I was getting sharp photos. I also bought it because it was much lighter than the other ones.

Lately, however, it doesn’t seem to be focusing properly. I’ve cleaned the contacts and changed some settings and it’s working better, but today when I went out to take photos of the colorful leaves it didn’t always work right. At one spot, I refocused each time and took about six photos of the same leaf (out of the breeze) and not one of them is focused. It seems that the items it decides not to focus on are the ones I really want. Luckily, the area is very close to the house so I can go out and try again.

Most of the photos turned out pretty sharp despite the breeze. It’s fun trying to get a nice, sharp photo when the subject keeps moving. Usually I need to keep the shutter speed above 200 for a good photo, so I was constantly changing a lot of the settings.

Deciding to try another lens, I think maybe there is an issue with the lens and not the camera as I had first thought. After taking several photos with another lens,┬ámost of the photos turned out really sharp so I’m excited to go out tomorrow or when it’s not raining and try taking more photos of the fall leaves.

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