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Camera Focus

Having trouble with your camera focusing properly? I was. It seemed that I would focus on one spot and the camera would focus a foot or two in front of and behind the subject. It seems that my current camera, the Canon T1i works backwards from any normal camera so I’ve changed just about every setting I can to make it focus properly.

It focuses when it wants to so as soon as I am able, I will be purchasing a newer camera and hoping it focuses properly. There are three I’m looking at: Canon 7D, Canon T2i and the Sony D850. I’m just not as impressed with the sample photos from the 7D. If you have one of these models, please tell me how you like it.

Fall Colors

As a photographer, my favorite time of year is fall or autumn when the leaves change their colors. This year was exceptionally beautiful. The colors were brighter, more intense and more abundant. I may have gone a little overboard taking photos, but as I walked through the woods – the colors would call to me, so it was necessary to stop and photograph the leaves.

As a result, there are hundreds of photos on my hard drive and I thought it would be nice to share a few with you. There are 12 photos in each package to use as desktop wallpapear on your computer. Right now they are only one size – eventually, there will be a choice of sizes. The first two groups are fall colors. Other seasons and holidays will be coming. The next one will be Christmas scenes, then winter.

If you would like to experience the color of fall year round check out the desktop wallpaper scenes that are available here: See sample below.

fall1  desktop wallpaper

Fall1CD Desktop Wallpaper

Enjoy the seasons.

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